Tree Stump Removal and Grinding Services

Tree stumps are not only an eyesore within your landscaping or manicured lawn but they also present a hazard to lawn mowers and people. No one wants to stub a toe or trip over a stump hiding in the grass. They may also be in the way of your driveway or a new project such as putting in a pool, building a garage or patio. You could rent a stump grinder but without proper training, DIY stump grinding is dangerous. Our trained tree stump removal specialists will be able to determine which method is right for each stump on your property before removing or grinding stumps.

Professional Stump Removal and Grinding Company in South Florida

  • Tree Stump Excavation or Removal
  • Tree Stump Grinding
  • Stump Removal of Fallen or Broken Trees

Palm Beach County Residential and Commercial Tree Stump Grinder

Our tree stump removal and grinding services are available to commercial businesses, equestrian facilities and residential homes throughout Palm Beach County. Stumps that are left after cutting down trees can attract weeds or pests like ants, mice and termites. Getting rid of unwanted and unsightly stumps quickly and safely is best left to our stump removal experts. Our professional stump grinding crew will inspect your property and decide if our grinding service or removal service is the better fit.