Tree Canopy Shaping and Reduction Services

Reducing a tree’s canopy, also called a crown reduction, is necessary for both safety and cosmetic reasons. In the past, tree topping was the solution to thinning out a tree’s canopy and controlling it’s overall size. Now the process is more involved to reduce the size and shape of trees but it’s healthier for the tree itself as well as the surrounding landscape.

Reducing the crown of a tree keeps it more manageable and appealing looking. This reduces the trees overall weight making it less likely to fall or lose branches during bad winds and storms. Proper tree shaping takes into consideration aesthetics but more importantly, our expert landscapers take into consideration the health and physiology of the tree.

Professional Tree Canopy Trimming Company in South Florida

  • Tree Canopy Thinning and Shaping
  • Tree Crown Reduction
  • Artistic Tree Trimming and Cutting

Palm Beach County Residential and Commercial Tree Shaping and Thinning

Let our professional tree service experts properly reduce and shape your tree’s canopy for maximum health and curb appeal. We offer our tree thinning and shaping services for residential, commercial and equestrian properties located throughout Palm Beach County. Our experienced tree crews will keep your trees well-maintained year round, which is especially important during the rainy and hurricane season.